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Scooter Tricks

Top Five Scooter Tips

Scooter Tips and tricks
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Here is just five tips to ensure you a more fun and safer scootering carer

1. Always wear protective gear, it might just save your life
2. Get a good scooter like a razor, razors preform beter ollie higher andlook good too (A crapy one just wont do)
3. Dont listen to what other people tell you, if some one says scooter is easy or not cool dont listen to them. In most cases they are just jelious
4. At the start of your scootering life practice on floor related moves, sutch as nollie, ollie, bunny hop and turnaround
5. build your self some ramps, ramps are easy to make. Just get some wood and nail it together, wood can be found at the junk yard 

Scooter Tips and Tricks