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Scooter Tricks

Scooter Tips and tricks
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Scooter Tricks
Ollie- the ollie is needed to do a lot of big air tricks with the aid of a ramp or two, so it is important to learn. Practice it loads and start getting hight in the equasion.O.K Place your feet firmly on the deck, then pull the handle bars up followed by your feet and bring your feet up to your chest, land smoothly (aviod putting your foot down or it will look too Un-cool)
Benihana hop- This is a real cool way of getting serious hight (you can even do 540). Go at a slow speed, or none at all, and then whilsd riding place your strongest foot on the floor and push up as far as you can and pull the scooter up to your chest (now you will be in a benihana posision). Now put your foot back on the deck and land. you will notice that you were far up in the air and that you couldnt reach that hight with just an ollie, if you dont think this you are doing it wrong so try again!
Bunny hop- Place your strongest foot on the break and your other infront of it lift the handle bars and jump up and down like a pogo stick (thus the name Bunny hop) practice on the spot a few times and then try going around a bit.
Manual- Stand in a normal stance on your deck and lift the front wheel and hold that position, this warks best going slightly fast (but not too fast) If the front wheel is going down lean back.
180- The 180 is usful on quarter pipes. it is a cool looking way of turning without realy moving the handle bars. First you will need to get good at ollieing. ollie high and then swing your body round 180 degrees and bring the scooter with you. it will take a while until youve mastered it so keep setting yourself targets and eventualy you will get there!
360- Same as a 180 but 180 more. This should be atempted with care cause you can bail pretty bad. just get some speed air and atempt to jump off a kicker or ramp whilst doing the move
Nollie- A nollie is simalar to an ollie but it requires more skill. When you jump push the handdles down so the back wheel will be higher than the front. After some practicing try to get a more vertical angle, this will look cool!
Tail Whip- This is the hardest move so far, ollie high off a ramp/tight kicker, whilst in mid air kick the deck so that it goes round once, land on it and everything be cool
CanCan- Get light speed bring your strongest foot And bring it round the front of the handdle bars lift your first hand to let it under then the second and the place it back on the deck.
CanCan Manual- Bring your leg so that it is over the handdle bars, take your hands off the bar and steer with you leg.
No Footer- Jump off a ramp or high place and spread your legs as far as they will go, like an upsidedown V, then land it
No Footer Manual- Lean all your weight on the handdle bars and make your legs into an upsidedown V shape  
Xup- When in the air grab the handdles and spin your arms 180 degrese, making an X shape 
Sex Change- This is a prety basic move, nothing big. Simply ollie and whilst in the air change the direction of your feet, Easy
Lip Stall- Aprotch an object that has an edge and ollie high on to it. After a few seconds do a 180 ollie off and ride off. whils in the lip stall you MUST NOT let the front or back wheel hit the floor, that is the skill of it, keeping your balance. you should first practice on a kerb or a step, then move on to biger things like low walls and stuff.
Once in lip stall posture you can link tricks up to it, like try doing a cancan in a lip stall. 
Axle Stall- Slightly more complacated than lip stall but still efective. ride up to a step or a kerb and jump on to the kerb but this time turn 90 degrees in the air and when you land on the kerb the under blade will be half on the kerb half hovering above the ground. Balance for a bit and then jump off and spin 90 degrees to ride off. Again you can link this into other moves like no footer
One hander No footer- Same as no footer but this time whilst in the air move your hand to the center of the bars whilst spreading your legs like an upside down V. land and look good
One Handed No Footer Manual- Wow what a mouthful. This is hardish, do exactly the same as no footer manual just balance on one hand, Balance is the key here! Oh and also if you cant do it dont practice for too long or you will strain you little arms and we dont want that happening do we now!?
Nothing- Atempt this on with caution. Get big air of a ramp so you are pretty high, let go of both the handdles and the deck and make a X like shape. You might not want to hold this for too long because you got to get back on the scooter before it lands, and belive me it hurts if you dont!
Ice Pick Stall-  O.K jump onto and edge like a kerb and balance on the backwheel by holding down the brake, then after you are satisfied woth how long you have been there (or if you are falling off) olllie off and ride off. Remember the closer to the edge the better. once you get quite good have a go at the local skatepark and try some stalls on the half pipes or on the quarterpipes!
Bar Spin- whilst in the air spin the bar round 180 degrees catch them in time and land (this Move can also be done in a stall or a manual) once you have done a 180 Bar spin try 360 then 540 the posobilitys are endless!!
Bunny hop Stall- I like this stall and so do the chicks, do this move and they will be all over you. Just do an icepick stall but whilst holding down the brake jump up and down like bunny hop, when you have finished jump off. Also do this move on an edge and turn around, that will be sic, just be carful not to fall off
Bar Grab- Get some air off a ramp (you should know the drill by now) bend down and grab the Steering bar as close to the wheel as you can and then land it.
Turnaround- Try this on the floor first. Sharply hammer your foot down on to the brake, lift the front wheel and spin the scooter round with you for a few turns, after that ride off. After you have mastered it on the floor try it on a Quater pipe, a cool way of turning around 
TailGrab- Get big ass air. whilst in the air move your hand to the back of the deck and squeze the brake down using your thumb. realese when you want and land smooth. you can also do this in an ollie but you need to be quick or you will squash your fingers
Grind- It is advised to wax an object that you would like to grind on. A Grind requires some skill, balls and love of adrenalin. Aproch an object at a resonable speed jump on it as if you were going to stall but dont quite make it a stall, in a girind the scooter should be at a diaganal angle and you should ride smoothly, Jump on the the edge you waxed and hold a grind along the edge of it for as long as you want. Be carful not to put your foot on the ground and you will have grinding in the bag!
No Hander- Get some air, whilst in the air let go of both the hanndles and spread your arms (looking a bit like jesus) place your arms back on the bar and land it.
Ice pick Turnaround- Get into an ice pick but this time spin yourself and the scooter around as many times as you want and then jump off and land
Rocket air- Rocket air is dificult atempt when you feel you are good enough. first get big big air off a ramp and turn the scooter upwards 90 degrees, but not your body, so that the handdles will be inline with your chest, then move the scooter back to its origanal position and land  
No hander manual- This is very dificult to do becuse you need total balance or the wheel will atomaticly turn sending you into kingdom come. just let go off the handdle bars whilst on the ground and wheel off in a straight line
Benihana- Get some air and shove on of your feet down as far as it will go but keep the other on the deck, pull your leg back up onto the board and land smoothly
Airwalk- This is simalar to a no footer but your body must be faceing one side of the deck. your toes should be dangling over the edge of the scooter and your heels both sould be inline with the two wheels. Get air and Spread your legs out (right to right, Left to left) If you have real big air try kicking your legs a bit to make it look a bit more like an Air-Walk Get it?
Wall Ride- Ollie into a smooth wall at an angle and whilst scraping along side the wall tilt the whole scooter so that the wheels go round on the wall and land it, quite simple
Sack Tap- Get big air and pull the scooter up so that it is inbetween your legs just so it touches or "taps" your ballsack (get it SACK TAP He He He) then pull yourself up, land on the deck and land smoothly on the ground
Indian Air- Like a no footer in the air but diferent posture. this time push your right leg to the left and your left to the right, like you would if you were sitting down crossleged, then land it
Superman- You need a lot of air for this one just get some big ass hight ans stretch your legs out backwards like a backwards drop-kick pull your legs back on the deck and land it smoothly ride off and laugh at someone who is less able than you
Body viral- This can be done with extreem hight or on the ground. Just spin your body 360 degrees around and land back in the same position you started in. If you want clamp the wheel when practicing
Indy-  Just simply jump in the air and grab the underpart of the deck where your feet sould be and return your hands to the bar and land
RoastBeef- MmmmmM My favorite. Just simply get some big air put your hand inbetween your legs and grab the middle of the deck where your feet are (like an indy but on the other side) land and your done

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